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Awkwardness Avoidance

Or…How to Decrease that Super Awkward Moment After She Turns You Down  My sister was recently asked out by a couple of guys from her office (not engineers – but I’ve seen engineers do the same things these guys did) and has a couple lessons to share, since she turned both down.   She gives … Continue reading

How to Talk to a Girl

It seems that half the problem guys have is that they don’t know how to talk to a girl.  It’s really not that hard, I promise.  I’m going to tell you how to do it. First, remember that we’re people too, we get nervous just like you.   Second, starting any conversation with a friendly … Continue reading

What To Do When….She’s On Her Period…

If you can manage to keep a woman around for more than a month, you’re going to experience what she’s like when she’s on her period.  This is no fun, but there are better ways to handle it than just hunkering down and waiting for the hormones to calm down. First a little sympathy.  You … Continue reading

Just Not That Into Her?

Several years ago, I took a poll of guys to see how they prefer to be turned down when they ask a girl out.  I was generally in the habit of turning guys down at that point and wanted to know how best to ease the blow.  No one really wants to hurt somebody else’s … Continue reading

Another Dating “Don’t”

To review how to ask a girl out properly see my series on asking a girl out.  Here’s a funny story about why you should: Myself and three of my friends have all been asked out by the same guy (are you starting to see a pattern?).  Actually, all of the other three went out … Continue reading

Online Dating

It’s a new year and your New Year’s resolution includes finding a girlfriend.  Great! Check out my posts on meeting girls. If you’re thinking about trying the online dating route, here are a few tips. First of all, should you try it?  I did.  It didn’t work out so well for me, but I have … Continue reading

Planning to Propose for Christmas?

One last note on proposing – since it is a time of year when many men choose to pop the question: Here’s an idea: Jump the gun.  Don’t wait until Christmas.  That way it’s still a surprise – you don’t want to be completely predictable do you?  It also takes the pressure off if you … Continue reading

Long Distance Relationships

I’ve been in a couple of long-distance relationships, and recently a friend asked for some advice so I’ll share with all of you as well. So, here’s the thing about long distance relationships: they take extra effort.  You have to be more deliberate about talking and seeing each other.  You both have to be willing … Continue reading

Don’t Hedge Your Bets

{Apparently the guys who ask me out don’t read this blog.  Such a shame.  This is an instruction manual.  But then again, engineers don’t read the instructions. } Remember when I said, if you’re going to ask a girl out, be straight up and clearly ask her out on a date?  Here’s another note on … Continue reading

Proposing – But Not For Real

One last post on proposing.  Let’s lighten the mood. One of my older cousins told me not to accept the first man who proposes to me.  Another one of my cousins protested, as she had married the first man she dated.  Regardless of what you think, here are a few funny stories. I’ve actually been … Continue reading

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